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Pool Master Free Download

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Too much computer work? Tired and bored? Do you want to play pool but don’t have the time and resources? Take and break and play pool right in front of your PC with Pool Master.

Pool Master is a game that is fun, challenging and is easy to maneuverer. Use your mouse as your cue stick. Press right click to create momentum in hitting the pool balls.

You have four options to play the game:

1. Practice – Enjoy playing pool with no time constraints and no challenger. This mode enables you to master the techniques in playing the game.

2. Arcade – has time and score features.

3. Challenge – Beat 8 levels in playing pool

4. Vs. Computer – Beat the computer as your opponent and surpass 8 Ball pool or straight pool challenges.

Be the greatest pool player on earth with Pool Master.

Pool Master


Windows 2000, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, Windows XP


Alternatively, you also can download for free the program from the manufacturer's website. We don't guarantee this download.


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